GSM Waarschuwingslichtje

Look at this cool accessory for your mobile phones- “Mathmos Astro Light Charms”. The Charm blinks when cell phone’s transmitter senses a call. The Mathmos Astro Light Charms is the creation of UK designer Mathmos. Weighing just 15g, these charms are available in two different styles namely, mini lava lamp shape in Blue or Red (the universal symbol of relaxed retro) and the light bulb in Blue or White (the international symbol of innovation and invention). It is useful in the places where one experiences lot of noise. At least, one can see the LED light flashing if one does not hear the sound. Only those who have 1800/1900 MHZ GSM mobile phones can use this. Via: ThinkGeek Related Entries BoxWave Announces Slew of iPhone Accessories Boxwave Announces MiniSync, a Motorola CellPhone Accessory ... Belkin TuneBase FM for iPod Honored receivedCar Accessory of the ...

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