The First Real Web-Based Word Processor
Welcome to Buzzword®, Adobe's Flash-based word processor. Buzzword is part of Acrobat.com
— the new offering from Adobe® which includes web-based file sharing and storage, create PDF
services, and on-line web conferencing and screen sharing.
The Buzzword team is working closely with many other Adobe initiatives and you'll see the
results throughout the coming year. We'll continue to do frequent releases as new features are
ready. For more information, please view our blog.
First Things First
Thanks for taking a look at Buzzword. Buzzword is on the web at https://buzzword.acrobat.com.
You might want to bookmark the URL so that you can return to it easily.
Lots of Cool Features, and More to Come
Buzzword is a work in progress, and has a number of impressive features, too many to list here.
Because this is a web-based application, you'll get all the new features automatically. On-line Help
describes the current features and includes some "how-do-I" tips.
Getting Started
Please read through this document for a quick overview of what Buzzword has to offer. For more
information about how to use Buzzword, use our on-line Help System.
As you can see, Buzzword looks like a normal word processor, but it operates inside a web
browser. Because Buzzword is web-based, the document you are editing is not stored on your
local machine, but rather on our secure servers. This means that you can access your document
from any web connection. You no longer need to email files to yourself or carry them on USB
keys in order to have access anywhere. And, because we're saving the content on the server, you
don't have to worry about crashes, viruses, versioning, losing connectivity or navigating away
from the page.
But we didn't skimp on performance in moving to the web — try typing some text and you'll see
that Buzzword's response is quick and snappy. It's computing line breaks, running text around
graphics, managing headers and footers, and breaking pages on every keystroke.

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